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ROES Overview

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Prolab ROES is a powerful software application that makes it easy to send orders to our Lab. Prolab ROES is the most cost effective and streamlined method for placing orders. Prolab ROES offers access to a wide range of photographic print sizes.

Prolab ROES offers the user the ability to select a lab -product and precisely specify crops and rotations on their images within that product. The user simply chooses a folder of images, and starts selecting from listed products in which to put them.

ROES Screen Grab

Product Selection

Selecting a Product



The Thumbnail Area

The Thumbnail area is the large area on the right side of the window where image thumbnails and filenames are shown, and includes controls for the thumbnails. The main window space devoted to the thumbnail area and layout area can be controlled by dragging the divider between the two areas. At the extreme positions of this divider, not all buttons may be visible due to differences in font sizes on various platforms.

Selecting Images

Layout Area

The layout area is the region on the left of the main window, next to the thumbnail area. This region shows the currently selected product & allows precise cropping of images. To add an image to the currently shown product, drag it from the thumbnail area, or from the local filesystem. You can also double click one or more images in the thumbnail area to place them in a product. The current product label is shown beneath the layout area.

To change the crop on an image, simply drag the image with the mouse. To change the scale or rotation of an image, controls are offered below the layout area. "Rotate Layout" will rotate the layout counterclockwise 90º, & "Rotate Image" rotates the image 90º counterclockwise. To change the direction of rotation, hold the / key and click on a Rotate button. The triangle to the right of the "Rotate Image" button displays a slider which allows rotation of the image in 1º increments to ± 180º.

Size your images

Finishing Options

Selecting Option