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File Specifications ROES

File Sizing Requirements

Finished prints are to be sized at 300 Pixels/Inch close to finished size.

Please note that the software will render images down, however will only use Linear Interpolation to enlarge images if undersize,

Best practice is to enlarge images in PS before importing into ROES software.

Prolab recommends using Genuine Fractals 6 for professional enlargement of images.

(Example below for a 24x30 Inch print)

Image Size

File Format Requirements

Image files are required to be in RGB 8 Bit Format

File Format

File Colour Profile Assigning

All files are to be flattened with no extra channels or paths

Assigned in or converted to sRGB (sRGB is the closest match to output space.)

(Can be used for both Pure Photographic and Fine Art Inkjet Output Products)

Colour Space

File Saving

Images are to be saved in Jpeg level 12 at Baseline ("Standard")

Or Maximum Quality compression.

File Saving

Files can also be saved in TIFF Format, do not use any compression when saving in TIFF Format.

Follow the steps illustrated in the image below if unsure (please note sending orders via the internet will take longer saved in this format.)

Saving TIFF Format

File Naming

File naming should be simple and descriptive with no spaces or special characters like */+\-!@#_<>).

(Example "img04563.jpg" is a safe file name.)