Pop Up Exhibition Display Systems

Pop Up Display Systems

Webloc GT™ is our eye-catching pop-up display stand.

Webloc GT™ has all of the original features of Webloc™ with the addition of magnetic clip on panels, no visible header strips and completely replaceable parts. It is even easier to set up thanks to the built in self aligning panel system, so now you get greater flexibility as well as longevity.

Webloc GT™ is available in

Web Lock GT
Web Lock GT Frame
Web Lock GT Clip
Artwork Specs System and Graphic
System (WxH) Visual Area Graphic Size As It Stands Weight Templates
2 x 3 2551 x 2285mm 2571 x 2305mm 1550 W x 2295mm H 28kg
3 x 3 3241.5 x 2285mm 3261.5 x 2305mm 2300 W x 2295mm H 34kg
4 x 3 3952 x 2285mm 3932 x 2305mm 3050 W x 2295mm H 39kg

There’s also a great range of accessories, including spotlights, to complete your exhibition display set up. For more information, download the Webloc GT™ brochure below.

Made in Australia.

Webloc GT™ hard case

The whole system can fit inside the strong and durable, wheeled, lockable Webloc GT hard case for safe transportation. Add a graphic wrap and a folding tabletop to convert from case to counter.

Size: 370 W x 670 L x 920mm H (without tabletop)

Weight: 18kg

WeblocGT™ Brochure
WeblocGT™ 6 (3x2) Panel Template
WeblocGT™ 9 (3x3) Panel Template
WeblocGT™ 12 (3x4) Panel Template
WeblocGT™ Case Top Template
WeblocGT™ Case Wrap Template