Mapping New Horizons: Prolab’s Large Format Acrylic World Map Displays

Fine Art Meets Cartography

At Prolab, our commitment to merging artistry with cutting-edge technology recently led us to complete a monumental project for Stanbroke: crafting large format acrylic world map displays that redefine detail and durability. These displays are not just maps; they are windows to the world, designed to inspire and educate viewers about the beauty of our planet.

Swiss Precision in Printing

Each piece, measuring a substantial 2500x1700mm, was produced on our state-of-the-art SwissQ UV Flatbed printer. The choice of this particular printing beast was not coincidental. Renowned for its precision, the SwissQ UV Flatbed printer can render the finest possible detail—a critical requirement for our world maps, where every line counts.

The Art of Detail

Printed in Fine Art Mode, we have ensured that every geographical line, contour, and the colour gradient is reproduced with the utmost clarity, making it not just a navigation tool but a masterpiece of visual information. The level of detail achieved is akin to a painter painstakingly applying brushstrokes to a canvas, resulting in a final product that boasts unrivalled definition.

A Lasting Impression

Our choice of acrylic as a substrate was dictated by the need for durability and a premium finish. Acrylic’s glossy surface enhances the vivid colours of the map, making the blues of the ocean deeper and the greens and browns of the landmasses more vibrant. This durability ensures that the maps are an investment that will stand the test of time.

Collaboration and Thanks

This project is a testament to the collaborative spirit of innovation and the pursuit of excellence. We extend special thanks to Mapuccino for allowing us to commercially use their detailed digital asset. Their world map design has been the foundation upon which we built these stunning displays.

A World to Explore

As we look upon the finished displays, we’re reminded of the vastness of our world and the infinite stories each country holds. Prolab is proud to contribute to exploring our world, even if it’s just from the comfort of one’s room, through a glance at these detailed maps.

Join us in celebrating this achievement, and if you’re inspired by what you see, consider how Prolab can bring your large-format visions to life.

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