Exploring the Sensory Delights of Printing: Prolab’s New Showroom Unveiled

Discover Prolab’s Sensory Printing Showcase

A New Dimension of Printing in Our Showroom

Dive into an immersive experience with Prolab’s latest showcase, now available in our brand-new showroom. This exhibition celebrates the tangible and visual, where every print comes to life. It invites you to explore a world where artistry meets technology.

SwissQprint: Bringing Prints to Life

Our showcase features SwissQprint technology, a marvel in the printing world. This feature adds a special touch to printed materials through a selective varnish technique, allowing for a bespoke finish. Whether you desire a subtle sheen or a full gloss, our technology makes it possible, transforming ordinary prints into extraordinary pieces of art.

Beyond Visuals: Tactile Printing Wonders

Prolab’s innovation extends beyond visual appeal with our precise ink layering technique. This method enables the creation of tactile sensations, such as Braille text for the visually impaired and relief prints that mimic the texture of painted brush strokes. These tactile wonders demonstrate our commitment to pushing the boundaries of printing technology and enhancing the sensory experience of our prints.

Step Into a World of Sensory Engagement

Our new showroom is designed to engage all your senses. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be enveloped by the magic of high-density quality printing. Experience the difference with samples that showcase vibrant colours, exceptional layering technology, and the unique tactile effects of our prints.

Prolab: More Than Just Printing

Prolab isn’t just about printing; it’s about creating lasting experiences. Our showroom and the showcased technologies invite you to discover printing in a way that engages both touch and sight, leaving a memorable impression long after your visit.

Join us in our space to witness the tangible magic of our printing capabilities and see how Prolab is redefining the experience of printed materials.

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