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Archerfield Airport Heritage Display

Archerfield Airport Heritage Display

One of our recent commercial projects involved printing and installing the Archerfield Airport Heritage section display. This exhibit showcases the complete history of the airports’ extensive involvement during various key milestones throughout Brisbane’s history....

Metal Printing Styles

Metal Printing Styles and Techniques

Don’t feel restricted to just sticking with the same boring rectangle or square display methods when displaying your prints. With Metal printing, you can elect to display your artworks in multiple styles and shapes....

Photo Restoration

Practical tips for dealing with water-damaged photos.

Some handy practical tips for dealing with water-damaged photos. It can be a pretty traumatic experience to face the reality of confronting water-damaged photos, especially when they are the only reference you have that...

Brisbane Floods 2022

Prolab narrowly survived Brisbane Flooding 2022

We have narrowly managed to survive the worst of the floods that have affected large parts of Brisbane over the weekend. However, some of our staff have been absent due to dealing with flood-affected...

Artwork reproduction

Artwork Scanning and Photo Restoration

Prolab offers high-end artwork scanning services in Brisbane. Our photo and image restoration services for original artwork reproduction and scanning also includes degraded documents and plans, which can be restored and preserved and reproduced...

Soft-proofing colour

Soft-proofing and colour matching exhibition printing

All media and materials have their specific nuances. Soft-proofing colour is an essential aspect to acquire the perfect colour match. This service was an integral component regarding the recently commissioned display mural produced for...

Artwork Reproduction

Artwork reproduction wall mural display

One of our latest artwork reproduction projects of Anita Mangakahia’s stunning cloth art pieces involved meticulously recreating accurate digital reproductions of her original floral fabric paintings. To be reproduced using modern textured linen based...

Acrylic Prints

Large format acrylic displays for Museum of Brisbane

Custom large format acrylic artworks commissioned recently for a gallery display. The most significant pieces measuring 2500×1250 mm are finished with extruded white gloss alupanel backing and split baton assembly. The SwissQ Fine Art...

Block Mounting

Large Format Printing with UV Laminate and MDF Block Mount.

One of our latest projects involved the production of Large Format Prints with Matte UV Protective Laminate and MDF Block Mounting, complete with Split Baton Assembly, including speciality fright packaging for interstate transit.