Creative Wall Art Ideas

Wall Art IdeasStaring at a blank wall at home is not an enjoyable experience, which is why wall art plays such a vital role in addressing this problem. It is easy to start the creative brainstorming process. The only problem you will encounter is that there are so many great ideas to choose from, but rest assured, this article will help guide and narrow down the right piece of wall art for your specific requirements. Whether a task is to create an internal gallery experience, produce prints of your work in DIY frames, or large format acrylic, metal or stretched gallery wrapped canvas display, even create a complete coverage designer-decorated mural. This page is full of brilliant practical ideas that will help you select the right idea to make for your home application.

1. Wallpaper

Creating a seamless segmented mural to fill an entire back wall of a living area helps evoke closeness, expertly demonstrated by this example below. The sheer scale of the artwork rendering leaves you entranced, softened by choice of familiar objects located in front and around the space to make the area more approachable.


2. Create an atmosphere

The use of patterned textiles helps create a focal point for your design work when setting a mood for a living environment that endeavours to be inviting, relaxed and comfortable. The geometric shapes can illustrate to bring down the scale of a larger space when offset with appropriate wallpaper.

Art patterns

3. Go small

Size is not everything when it comes to setting up an effective display. Sometimes framing your favourite artworks in miniature frames is a practical way to have a gallery display in your bedroom. The use of traditional guilded frames works best for this application.

small framed artworks

4. Draw with lines

The application of effective wallpaper doesn't need to be strong and bold with imagery. The abstract figures that appear to be painted directly to the wall and ceiling complement a contemporary, minimalist living space by providing a sleek, eye-catching sophisticated presentation.

Drawing with lines

5. Selective lighting

You can place a spotlight directly above your artwork, which assists in creating a central focus by installing a scone or a directional spotlight above the displayed artwork. You allow the tones and textural qualities to set the colour scheme for your chosen environment.


6. Use multiple dimensions

Applying the use of a multi-dimensional sculptural image can assist in invoking life into a dull, ordinary living space. Choosing the correct display allows the eye to highlight specific areas while offsetting other less desirable locations.


7. Offset your display

Putting a bit of extra thought into what backdrop is best suited to the style of artwork you want to display will increase the overall impact of your presentation. Using contrasting art styles, such as a modern artwork hung over a classic wallpaper design, offsets the piece nicely and adds to a touch of mischievousness.


8. Using windows as a display space

More importantly, don't forget to make use of all available wall areas. Windows can make a great addition when eliminating a less than desirable view. Finding the right size and style is essential, as you may want to consider still allowing some natural light to enter the space while bringing a new style tier to your living area when executed correctly.


9. Create the mood

Using specific iconic photography that captures the essence of a particular period can work wonders for setting the right mood for your chosen environment. The imagery of California's skate culture combined with clean, minimalistic furniture delivers on a laid-back, uncluttered relaxed refinement.


10. Keep the flow

Mix up your artistic styles, such as incorporating avant-garde themed experimental imagery to liven up your living area, however keeping gentle classical elements such as organic leaves to soften up the environment.