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Film Scanning

Film ScanningThe Durst Sigma, is a professional high-end scanner. It provides the quality input to match our high-end output printers - Durst Epsilon Photoprinter - LVT Film Writer - Colorspan Inkjet Printer

The Sigma scans colour transparency, colour negative, black and white and cross-processed, single frame, 35mm and 120 rolls and sheet films up to 4 x 5 inches to RGB, CMYK or Greyscale with flat art and large sheet film up to A3 Flat Bed scanned.

The Sigma is equipped with a powerful workstation, an RGB 10,500 pixel line sensor for image data capture and a fully automatic film carrier for fast automated scanning of roll film. There is no film contact with any surfaces; the only thing that comes in contact with your film during scanning is pure filtered air.

The Sigma can do a RGB scan up to AO @ 300dpi in 34 seconds at optical resolution from a sheet of 4 x 5 inch film, resulting in a pure 400Mb file.

The Sigma utilises a unique infared detection prescan, dust and scratches are removed from the scan without affecting the image sharpness and significantly reducing retouching time. Most other scanners simply blur the image or soak your film in oil in an effort to try and achieve a similar result.

It is Worth Noting...

When preparing files for printing, the quality of a finished image, is directly reliant on the quality of the materials used to produce it, this has never changed. High-End scanners serve a vital role in achieving this outcome but scanners are only as good as the people operating them and the systems that support them. At Prolab our technicians understand the issues of image reproduction and our systems are designed to handle large image files.

The majority of High-Res Drum scans for pre press are done in CMYK colour space at a lower resolution than is required. They are then re-sized and heavily sharpened, thus saving valuable scanning time. For the most part they are fine for offset printing but can rarely be used for larger RGB image reproductions.


  • Roll scanning 35mm and 120 film Negative, transparency and black and white
  • Reproduction scanning Cut film 35mm, 120, 4x5 and 8x10 inch sheet
  • Flat bed scanning up to A3 From artwork and film
  • Scan levels at 300dpi RGB Multimedia 1mb to AO 400mb RGB to CMYK conversions
  • Digital image colour management for output to Durst epsilon photographic printer, LVT film writer, Colorspan inkjet printer
  • Dropbox file transfer, CD and DVD burning
  • Get the latest Drum on our new scanner

    High End Reproduction

    High End Reproduction