Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

We all have dusty, faded old family photos hidden away somewhere. They are most likely scratched, water damaged, stained, cracked, discoloured or even worse, torn.

Prolab provides expert image restoration services to help you preserve all your most precious memories. We can remove faded and yellowing ageing marks, bring back the deep tones of colour and even convert black and white image to the colours as you remember them. When the image is torn or missing a piece, we can also replace that missing or damaged area. We can get your images looking just as good as they used to and even improve them.

As the level of restoration required varies for each image we quote on your originals upon viewing them in the lab. The system time required for your order is priced in 15 minute increments.

Our staff are more than happy to assist with any restoration service questions you might have no job is too big or too small!

For more information, please stop by our lab, email, or call us.

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Images courtesy of the Carmen Miranda Museum