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Prolab's Remote Order Entry System

Prolab ROES is a powerful software application that makes it easy to send orders to our Lab. Prolab ROES is the most cost effective and streamlined method for placing orders. Prolab ROES offers access to a wide range of photographic print sizes.

'Probably the best on-line print ordering software available today'

For busy, hard working photographers, it's important to have a supplier that can be relied upon with services that make life easier and more efficient.

At Prolab, we have combined over 30 years of experience with the best in production hardware and software technology to give photographers a service that really delivers.

ROES is a package which saves time and money whilst leaving the photographer in complete control. Available from any workstation 24/7, it allows complete freedom to upload files to all standard sizes, finishes and formats.

ROES offers the user the ability to select a lab ‘product’ and precisely specify crops and rotations on their images within that product. The user simply chooses a folder of images, and starts selecting from listed products in which to put them.

ROES offers access to a wide range of photographic print types and sizes as well as canvas and fine art paper prints. Mounting, laminating and framing can also be ordered online, along with a range of assembled photo albums. More 'products' will be added to the catalogues in the future and specific products to suit your needs can be added, if required.

Because the system is so streamlined, Prolab can pass on the savings to the customer making ROES extremely price competitive. It's easy to learn and costs nothing to download. We already have many satisfied users throughout Australia.