Metal Prints

Metal PrintsMetal prints bring a new level of industrial uniqueness to your imagery. This robust finish provides a beautiful rendition to direct substrate printing, with more of a subtle approach over the SwissQ Acrylic method, makes for a stunning contemporary display that lends itself perfectly suitable for the softer subject matter.

Direct bond to extruded white matte aluminium sheeting with a selection of either matte or semi-gloss varnish finishes help to protect and enhance your photographic imagery or artistic concepts, with the frameless exposed edges, brings a modern feel to any home or commercial environment.

Metal prints are available in an extensive range of sizing options and are a versatile, robust finish used for indoor or outdoor applications. It is weatherproof and can handle direct UV exposure for over ten years, tested to Australia’s harshest conditions.

Metal PrintsTransform your most treasured photos into an art piece that built to last the distance. Ready to hang metal printing provides you with the opportunity to print your most memorable images as cleanly and crisply as possible directly to metal, so you can proudly place them on display for your home or office decor requirements. They allow you to preserve the longevity of your memories on a stylish contemporary medium that will last the distance.

High-quality metal prints are photos printed on an aluminium sheet, wherein your images infused on the metal by converting them into gases state, giving luminosity to your photos. To complement this printing method, we allow you to display your favourite pictures on metal in the most creative way possible by customising your photos personally for metal prints. Back Mounting with various hanging assembly options depending on size and dependent environment. Quickly get started by downloading Prolab ROES or using our Manual File Uploader to upload your photos. Metal prints are effortless to maintain and look brilliant in any environment!

There are many applications for displaying metal prints, whether you wish to incorporate them as part of a unique entrance display or display in an outdoor verandah setting. The metal prints process combines a special UV Protective Varnish which helps protect your photos from UV exposure, dust and moisture. Meaning that you can display any images you like as outdoor art, whatever the weather conditions are! They are straightforward to maintain. You only need to clean them every so often to keep them looking in peak condition instead of paper-based images, which tend to not last as long due to the risk of neglect and damage.

Metal PrintsYou can feel confident that custom metal prints from Prolab will provide you with many happy years of enjoyment with minimal ongoing maintenance or effort! Only one way of managing is by regularly dusting away any unwanted layers of dust buildup that may present themselves on the surface of your image. You can easily do this by using a soft damp cloth using just plain water, no need for alcoholic based cleaning products. You are allowing your precious photos to stay looking incredible for many years to come, even becoming family heirlooms!

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Gamut 7 x Colour Direct to substrate UV Print Technology CMYK lc lm G at 9 Picolitre
  • Finished with choice of either Matte or Semi-Gloss UV Protective Varnish
  • Robust finish, suitable for indoor or outdoor, wet or dry environments
  • Easy to clean and scratch-resistant
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range, Bold rich colour, clean whites and deep blacks for enhanced dynamic range
  • Sharp text and graphics
Metal Prints Pricelist

Metal Prints Pricelist