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Graphic Design

Prolab Design and Nomadic Solutions together provide a world class team of experienced designers to provide outstanding graphics and display concepts.

Prolab operates a sophisticated design and digital services division, providing photography, high resolution scanning, retouching, prepress and high end image composition and manipulation. Our advanced digital image design facilities network with our extensive mural and display printing capability to provide quality, imaging solutions at almost any size, for any application.

Prolab’s design team specialise in the management of digital printing in the production of graphics and signage for indoor/outdoor, museum prints and tradeshow displays in both photographic and inkjet technology.

Prolab’s design concepts for large trade show exhibits is supported by Nomadic Displays. Prolab act as agents for the Nomadic range of portable display systems. The Nomadic Display Solutions department employs an international design staff lead by industry renowned display designers.

In today’s competitive trade show environment, Nomadic designers have the advantage of drawing from Nomadic’s many leading exhibit systems, materials and finishes to engineer your display concept solution at the most cost effective price.

From concept to design to production to installation Prolab offers an extensive range of solutions, all under one roof, all tailored to your individual requirements.


  • Concept exhibition layouts
  • Creative digital graphic design
  • High resolution scanning
  • Image retouching and restoration
  • Pre production file corrections
  • Photo library
  • Image retrieval and file preparation
  • Photography
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    Graphic Design Pricelist