Custom Wall Murals

Photographic Lustre PrintsCustom wall murals are a fantastic way to transform any ordinary wall into a feature piece, Prolab offers a variety of wall mural products to suit any application, from creating a beautiful feature wall at home, or adding serious impact to retail or office environments, we have the product knowledge, expertise and logistical know-how to execute your brief with the highest level of professionalism.

Upload your ideas to our Dropbox account, or if you require assistance we can help to direct you to Adobe Stock image library, where you can browse from an extensive selection of imagery to address your requirements.

Once we can define an approach, our team can provide you a proof of concept before proceeding with your brief. Prolab also offers in-house creative retouching services, so if you require support above and beyond the previous methods, we can assist in delivering a solution that will exceed your expectations.

Typical wall surfaces:

  • Flat rendered surfaces such as plasterboard
  • Flat surfaces that have darker rendering or on Glass
  • Bumpy surfaces in a dark or light colour

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