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Block Mounting

Finishing Solutions with Style...

Block Mounting PricelistProlab offers an extensive range of finishing solutions to protect, enhance and present your images.

We tailor our range of finishing products to your individual requirements, providing highly specialised services for art exhibitions to competitively priced solutions for point of sale displays.

We completely assemble roll-up banners and portable display systems and fabricate custom displays with speciality packing crates.

We cut and prepare all substrates for block mounting, do cut outs of figures, make props and provide hanging systems for small and large displays.

We provide shop-fitting services to incorporate permanent displays in building projects; shop fit outs and exhibitions.

We can splice join murals in segmented pieces of up to 6mx1.8m to produce large displays of almost any size. When combined with our large format printing capability stunning wall murals and backlit displays can be designed for huge impact.

Services Include:

  • Block Mounting - Onto extruded substrates up to 2m wide. MDF, Kappa, Gator, Forex, Acrylic, Aluminium etc
  • Laminating - Up to 2m wide / Face laminate or encapsulate. Gloss, Lustre, Matt, Texture, Chrome etc
  • Assembly - Laminating, trimming, stitching, eyelets, applying magnets and hangers For - Hanging banners, Roll-up banners and Portable display systems.
  • Splicing - Vacuum splicing table 6m long for image joining of segmented murals and back lit transparencies
  • Workshop - Wall saw 1.9m x 5m for precise volume cutting of MDF board, Foam board, Aluminium, PVC and Acrylic - Bench saws, jigsaws, and workshop for display cut outs, custom display assembly and crating for distribution. - Spray booth for spray painting display applications
  • Shopfitters - Network of trades for site fit outs and installation of displays
  • Professional Laminating Services

    We can face laminate and mount your image onto any extruded substrate up to 2m wide by length of product, suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

    Application of clear adhesive skin, usually to the face of a print providing both physical and UV protection.


    A lightly textured laminate but highly durable. Suitable for prints likely to come into contact with people or light objects and also as a floor graphic laminate. Easily cleaned.


    A low-reflective laminate, very popular for general-purpose prints and posters.


    A good protective laminate although subject to reflections and surface scuffing if poorly handled.

    Super Gloss

    A high quality glass-like finish suitable for prints displayed in controlled or gallery lighting.

    Hot Gloss/Matt

    Laminates with extra stiffness

    Special Services

    We offer a number of finishing services to compliment our laminating and block mounting operation, which are listed below.


    Lightweight hangers for attaching to prints mounted on Gatobord and a sturdier version for hanging MDF (craftwood) medium sized boards

    Top Hangers

    Metal 'D' shaped rings which can be attached to the top or back of solid boards.

    Split Battens

    A simple but effective hanging system which includes an angled MDF batten attached to the back of the print and a reverse angle batten supplied for attachment to a wall. A spacer is also attached to the lower back of the print to ensure the mounted print sits parallel to the wall.

    Velcro Strips and Dots

    Male (hook) Velcro applied to rear of mounted print for attachment to carpet wall, felt or female (loop) Velcro.

    MDF Edge Finishing

    Black or white painted edge to MDF boards to give a more finished look to the print.

    Eyelets and Bungy Edging

    Fitting of brass finished eyelets and supply of bungy rope for attaching and stretching large banners and transparencies.

    Splice Cutting

    A unique method for splicing multiple print or transparency segments together to form a perfectly registered mural.


    Drilling of fixture holes in MDF, Alupanel and Acrylic to suit the application.


    Block Mounting of prints to supplied panels is available


    We are available to work on assembly and repair of existing display systems both in-house and on-site. Hourly rates apply for this service.

    Heavy Duty Packing

    We can build custom crates suitable for shipping intrastate and interstate. All work is by quotation.

    Block Mounting and Laminating Pricelists

    Block Mounting, Laminating and Finishing Pricelists