Acrylic Prints

Acrylic PrintsThe simply stunning acrylic printing method is the ideal way to emphasise the dramatic boldness of your imagery. With its smooth, sleek appearance, this finish brings a classy modern look to incorporate when stylising your home or modernising your office decor requirements.

Acrylic prints are a fantastic medium to add a bit of glamour to your home environment. This page will provide you with the most comprehensive guide to producing images on acrylic prints. If you were unsure about how to best approach this printing medium, then this is the place to be. Printing correctly on acrylic will assist in rendering the best possible lifelike rendition to your favourite imagery, that canvas prints and metallic paper cannot quite achieve, by honestly expressing all the colours in your images as vibrantly and vividly as possible.

At Prolab, we understand that you all share a common thread, whether your professional, keen amateur enthusiasts, home-maker or artist. You all love to make your imagery look the best it can through the best printing mediums. You can present your creative visions with absolute clarity and detail. So if you are feeling enticed by the acrylic printing method, we are ready to assist you in bringing your innovative concepts to life.

Acrylic PrintsPeople who love artistic displays can consider taking a look at acrylic printed wall displays to get the gallery feel in their homes or office spaces. Group a story through photos and get them printed on custom acrylic wall displays of various shapes and sizes to give a beautiful overall effect to a wall. It provides a splendid mosaic result to your photo to make the overview a pleasing visual. With different stylings of the split panels, you can make acrylic displays truly enigmatic in any of your space.

Get a spectacular option to convert your photos into a collage on acrylic! Get to shine all the best memories you have had with your friends and family by getting them printed on the acrylic photo collage. Get to choose various templates to arrange your photos and make them stylish the way you want! Acrylic glass prints help you emphasise the vibrancy of colours. Available in custom sizes for best visual pleasure.

We do have alternate options for mounting the prints. For example, we can offer you a back mount if the bolts do not work with you. Also, we have easel backs to place the images if you are looking for a tabletop option.

Prolab can produce 2000x2500 mm as the most significant size in acrylic prints for you as a single piece. For bigger ones, you need to contact us via email with the specification that you need.

The method we use to produce acrylic prints provides no risk of fading. Although, it might fade if exposed to direct sunlight over a length of time. Hence, it is best to keep it indoors in comfortable environmental conditions to prevent any fading from happening.

You can choose a size from A4 (210x297mm) to A0 (841x1189mm) and above for many quantities. If you need any smaller or more significant than the given options, you can email us with your specifications.

We can make out acrylic photo prints from old photographs, drawings, and paintings scannable or digitised. Although the results are often better with the original photo itself to use, our artwork reproduction department can assist with your requirements.

Acrylic PrintsPhotos taken on iPhone or Android can work if you want to create smaller sized-acrylic prints. However, larger sizes would need software to enhance the photo quality of the pictures taken through a smartphone. Our custom printing option can assist. This option allows one of our skilled technicians to view and enhance and proof in Photoshop before output, ensuring you get the best possible result from your original file.

We can print any image or artwork that you would like to have. However, we usually recommend our customers to go for a high-resolution image as it would give the best output quality, and prints will be clear and crisp. If you do not have such a picture, then our design team can work upon it and give some effects and finishing touch to make it better.

Our custom hanging assembly options include split batons, picture wire, or standoff bolts. Not sure which options would suit you? Our friendly staff can guide the best method depending on the size and scope of your requirements.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Gamut 7 x Colour Direct to substrate UV Print Technology CMYK lc lm G at 9 Picolitre
  • Finished with dedicated Opaque White Ink Channel with Pressure Adhered White Gloss Metal Backing
  • Robust finish, suitable for wet or dry environments
  • Easy to clean
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range, Bold rich colour, clean whites and deep blacks for enhanced dynamic range
  • Sharp text and graphics
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